Vertx Break Powered by Agate Connects at Digital Dragons

The recent Digital Dragons in Poland was a powerhouse of innovation and connection for the European gaming industry. Amongst the whirlwind of idea exchange, one thing remained constant: the need for stunning visuals to bring those ideas to life. That’s where Vertx Break Powered by Agate stepped up. 

A World of Talent Under One Roof

With over 2,600 attendees from across the globe converging, the event showcases various projects and expertise. Established industry titans showcased their latest groundbreaking titles, utilizing current tech and boasting stunning visuals. Witnessing these advancements firsthand was truly inspiring. But innovation also came from another place. Passionate indie teams brought their fresh perspectives and unique ideas to the table. Their creativity and dedication were palpable, and their innovative game concepts sparked many stimulating conversations. It was a testament to the boundless potential within the gaming industry.

As part of Agate and representing Indonesia in this event, we were thrilled to contribute to this vibrant display of talent. We proudly showcased our recent projects, including our contribution to providing game assets for the action-packed RIFTSTORM and Project V. Each project generated a buzz of interest, with attendees eager to learn more about the unique experiences we aim to create, since these projects have two distinct styles. It was a fantastic opportunity to share our vision and gain valuable insights from fellow developers.

Forging New Alliances

We actively sought out new connections, sparking conversations about our ongoing projects like RIFTSTORM and Project V. Our expertise in art direction also attracted interested studios seeking art direction expertiseit’s always rewarding to see our skills recognized. 

At Vertx Break, we understand that game development is a collaborative effort. That’s why we offer a unique working experience that mirrors the seamless integration of a co-developer. Our seasoned artists are well-versed in the game development pipeline, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. 

This combination of technical mastery and artistic vision sets Vertx Break apart. We are the ideal partner for clients seeking an adaptable and responsive art service provider. Our team seamlessly integrates with your development process, understanding your technical requirements and artistic vision to deliver game-ready assets that exceed expectations. 

A Step Closer to Our Global Vision

Vertx Break fully embraces the Indonesian government’s efforts to cultivate a thriving games industry. We believe collaboration is key to achieving this dream. By partnering with talented developers worldwide, we aim to nurture local talent and bridge the gap to meet the global demand for outstanding creative solutions. Digital Dragons was a significant step in this direction. 

Ready to take your IP to a new level?

If you are looking for a partner to provide game-ready 3D stylized assets for your IP, let’s collaborate with Vertx Break powered by Agate! 

Supported by one of Indonesia’s most experienced game companies, Vertx Break is armed with combined experience in the game development pipeline. Our team of artists can collaborate closely with your developer and designers, making our solutions optimized and adaptive to your needs.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you craft stunning 3D stylized assets for your projects! 

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